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The 2011 CTBUH Seoul Conference has chosen as its central theme “Why Tall? - Green, Safety, and Humanity”. It aims to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in the modern society from the perspectives of green, safety, and humanity. It was the development of modern civilization that gave birth to high-rise buildings. However, tall buildings have come to not only represent the very civilizations and cities that created them, but also evolve into becoming the universal standard of urban dwelling of today. Tall buildings are no longer just mere representations of modern cities; they are an integral part of our everyday life. They had expanded their role from providing space for commercial purposes to also include satisfying residential needs, and they are fast becoming an important feat of human engineering of meeting the growing demands for urban dwelling and reshaping the landscape of modern cities. It is time that we look back the history of tall buildings and join forces together to pave the way for coming generations to sustain their development with tall buildings. This year's conference in Seoul is aiming to find those answers for the generations to follow us.

For more than 100 years, the mankind has been erecting tall buildings as symbols of modern cities and to serve as a universal form of urban dwelling. Now is the time to redefine the meaning and value of tall buildings in our modern society by highlighting the green, safety, and humanity aspects of tall buildings intended to better-serve the mankind.
Only a decade has passed since we welcomed the 21st Century, but the mankind has already seen more than its fair share of political, economical, and social confrontations and clashes. Accordingly, the world of technology and construction of tall buildings is going to face greater problems and challenges. High-rises must contribute to the protection of endangered environment, and pursuing advancement of technology is the only way to silence the safety concerns that have plagued the industry from its inception. Most of all, tall buildings should seek to reinvent itself into becoming a 'vertical city' where the communication between the environment and people is brought together. Who will build such buildings? When can we see them? How can we make it happen? And what should be done? Be a part of the CTBUH Seoul 2011 where you will find the questions and answers.